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View developments

Who are cyber heroes? What do wheelchairs and tracks have in common? Can motorcycles fly?

The answers to these questions can not only be found out, but also seen and touched in the expocapsule of the Technopark. The developments of our residents, which were created and are being created in Skolkovo, are on display here.

There you will also see what Skolkovo technologies can be used in everyday life:

  • Deep Sleep Cube

    Deep helps to make sleep a real rest, and waking up is easy. By forming weak pulses of the electric field, Deep either stimulates the stage of deep sleep, and by morning increases the range, making sleep shallow, from which awakening becomes more comfortable.

  • Shielding cases for Velter gadgets

    Velter saves you from the desire to constantly check your phone and helps you focus on what is really important — on life. Velter cases help to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation, and also will not let you get distracted — in them the gadget is not available for calls, messages, does not transmit any data, it cannot be hacked.

  • 3D Smile Aligners

    You can achieve a Hollywood smile without braces — 3D Smile aligners are completely transparent and are able to completely change the bite and make the teeth even. The company uses artificial intelligence to simulate the movement of teeth — both crowns and roots. This allows you to analyze the individual characteristics of bone tissue and to carry out safe movements of teeth without the risk of recessions.

Where: 42 Bolshoy Boulevard, p.1, Skolkovo Technopark, Atrium. By appointment by phone: +7 (495) 956-00-33 (ext. 2407) or by mail:

Chat with a robot

Chat with a robot
A Promobot is often on duty in the Atrium in front of the info capsule at the 6th core. He is ready to tell you about Skolkovo, and what could not be found out from the Promo Bot can be clarified in the infocapsule itself.

Promobot is a project of a Skolkovo participant from Perm. Now robots created by this company work all over the world and help police officers, MFC and even schools. So meeting a Promobot is almost like meeting a celebrity, only he always agrees to chat and take pictures.

Work with the CCP

Work with the CCP
Accredited service R&D partners of Skolkovo are located on the boulevard of Collective Use Centers (CCPs), which help residents with developments: from industrial design to production and testing.

Startups can compensate for the cost of CCP services with micro grants from Skolkovo, which allows projects even with a low level of revenue to receive the help of qualified professionals.

Who can you meet on the boulevard of the Central Committee:

  • "Metaclay" — carries out metrological research, testing of materials,
  • Art UP Studio — develops industrial design at the highest level. The studio has repeatedly won prestigious awards, including with design for our residents,
  • "Semat" — provides services for polishing hard-to-process conductive surfaces (for example, titanium) and for the electroerosion hardening of metal parts,
  • Sigma Lab — develops and launches into mass production products based on biopolymers.

Where: 42 Bolshoy Boulevard, p.1, Skolkovo Technopark, Atrium.

You can get to the Central Park Boulevard as part of a special excursion, details by phone: +7 (495) 956-00-33 (ext. 2407) or by mail:

Create a prototype

Create a prototype
MegaHackspace has opened on the ground floor of the Technopark — a space that any engineer dreams of.

This is 1200 m2 for the implementation of any ideas: to create a prototype, test it, improve it and launch small-scale production.

MegaHackspace is divided into 3 zones:

  • Shop — large production equipment

    Specific industrial equipment of the CCP is located here. Fine Mechanics offers welding and metalworking services. The innovation center "Kolibri" provides services of milling and turning of metals, prototyping. And "Norgau" makes accurate measurements of the resulting parts. There is also a paint preparation area and paint chambers.

  • Workshop — equipment and tools for independent work

    Here you can work on machines, print a part on a 3D printer, solder a circuit, sew something and make a layout.

  • The assembly zone is the zone where the parts become a full—fledged prototype

    Assembly tables are installed here for work, and to make everything safe, we have prepared antistatic workstations.

MegaHackspace has more than 60 jobs and more than 100 pieces of professional equipment, which will be used by an intelligent system developed by our resident.

Where: 42 Bolshoy Boulevard, p.1, Skolkovo Technopark, Atrium.

To get into MegaHackspace, book a tour by phone: +7 (495) 956-00-33 (ext. 2407) or by mail:
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